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Customer Service Manager

Position: Customer Service Manager

Salary: $65,000- $75,000 + Superannuation

Location: Wavell Heights, 4012

A chemist in Wavell Heights is looking for an experienced Customer Service Manager to join their team. The Customer Service manager will be responsible for reviewing, administering and planning customer services and after-sale services and ensuring sound customer relations.

The primary function of the Customer Service Manager is to maintain customer relations by reviewing the quality of the company’s customer service and developing or reviewing policies to improve customer relations and the general service that is provided to customers.

Customer service managers are responsible for:

• The nature of the work environment and managing members of staff to address any disputes raised by customers or employees.

• The nature of the role requires customer service managers to be highly organised with excellent verbal and written communication and experience in managing teams of staff.

• Extensive communication with customers or clients in relation to products of the company or the service that was provided and customer service managers are therefore very familiar with the company they represent and their values as they act on behalf of the company.

• Providing feedback and guidance to teams of staff under their management in order to promote and advance customer relations.

• Implementing new workplace strategies to improve customer satisfaction, ensure the quality of goods or services provided by the company and liaise with other organisations to satisfy customer expectations is essential . 

• Directing other employees within the company to achieve a higher level of customer service.

Some fundamental tasks performed by a customer service manager include:

• Monitoring and developing new innovative methods and procedures.

• Developing and devising strategies to improve the capability and productivity of staff.

• Delivering a comprehensive service to enquiring customers, managing incoming calls and electronic correspondence or leading small teams of staff to discuss sales targets.


• Minimum Qualification of Diploma in Business

• Minimum 3 years’ experience as a Customer Service Manager 

Positions: 1
Location: Wavell Heights – QLD

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