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Employer Disclaimer

You agree and accept that the Job2Go website is open and available to everyone that has access to the internet. Your company will treat all of the candidate information supplied on this website in the strictest level of confidence. You guarantee not to share any information pertaining to our candidates that were obtained from the Job2Go website to a third party unless written permission is gained from said candidates and all parties including Job2Go are satisfied. All material relating to our candidates on our website is supplied by the candidate and Job2Go accepts no responsibility for any information supplied that is proven to be incorrect. Job2Go reserves the right to exclude any person from website access if they are found to have breached our candidate’s confidence.

Employee Disclaimer

You fully understand and consent that to enable us to assist you in the staff placement process that the information supplied by you to Job2Go will be passed on to prospective clients at our discretion. Job2Go will only pass your information on as is required for client purposes. Be aware that all people have access to our website and anything that may contain information regarding you is then available to friends/work mates and employers. You will not hold Job2Go responsible for any losses incurred if a third party finds anything on our website pertaining to you that causes inconvenience anytime in the future. Remember we will only use information that was supplied solely by you.Job2Go will present and represent you to the best of our ability at all times but will not guarantee a job placement at any time.

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