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Job Search Advice –
How to effectively find what you need.

At Job2Go, you are not just a number, you are our resources, and you are an opportunity for us to showcase our values in the things we do best – placing you into a job! We treat our candidates with our best, when we say we will get back to you, WE WILL get back to you. On top of our quality service, Job2Go offers to you: professionalism, respect, honesty, excellence.

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Think of Job2Go as your personal career counselor. We want anyone who comes to us to receive beneficial information that will help them in their career progression. Our team of human resource specialists have especially gathered all these information for you:

Using Search Engines

With regards to job search engines, to look for the right job, you got to use the right job search engine. These job search engines will enable you to access thousands of available jobs.

Listed below are a number of job search engines:

Typically the rate of getting a favourable response is about 1%, which means that if you apply for 100 jobs, you are likely to receive one favourable response amongst the 99 negative replies.

What happens after I apply?

In most cases, you will receive an email-reply confirming your resume had been accepted and that you have to wait for a period of time before being notified of an outcome. When you send your resume to us, you will receive an email from us acknowledging your interest.

If you become successful in being shortlisted for a job position, a human resource specialist will ring/email you to arrange an interview. Usually this first interview will help us to establish your expectations, your current employment status, basically to understand you better.

It is good practice to contact the company or the agency every few days, their answer may always be ‘NO’ or ‘it is still in the process’ but it shows that you are interested and more keen about the job. It also keep you fresh in our mind!

Do you research first?

Depending on what industry your experience lays in or what position you are seeking you will have to have a plan of attack.

Start by picking an area, most industries will be in separate areas for example: there will be a large number of office positions located in the CBD or there will be a large number of trades and service position in the local light industrial areas.

Then research the companies in your chosen area which would have positions relevant to the one you are seeking.

Take the time to read up about the company, take notes on the work they do, how long they have been around for, clients they service, any major projects they have coming up. These topics will be a great way to show the employer that you have taken the time to understand the company and show interest in the position, it is also a good way to entice the employer to talk more about their company remember one great sales tool is let the other person talk and listen to what they have to say it makes them feel good!

Other proven methods

In hindsight, it has been said that 80% of available jobs are not advertised, that means only 20% of available jobs are open to the large market of unemployed workers. In fact, there is a large chunk of the ‘available jobs’ pie left.

In this section, we will shed some light some proven methods to pick a share of this large chunk of the ‘job pie’:

Cold Calling

Not everyone can sell them self or is even confident talking to complete strangers over the phone which is why it is important to draft a script. Below is a common scenario:

Be clear and audible

“Good morning my name is… I am calling as a wish to speak with the HR manager of your company, (if there isn’t one then ask to speak to some who is in charge of staffing) would he or she be available? Thank you.”

Usually you will be asked for the reason of your call so just explain to them that you are interested in obtaining a position with the company.
Note: receptionists are the typically like ‘gate keepers’ so be persistent and ask to speak to the relevant person or ask for their name.

State your purpose

“Good morning my name is … I am calling in regards to opportunities of work at your company?”

State your purpose of the call when speaking to the HR manager.

What you can bring in

“I have X amount of years’ experience in this field and have a trade certificate or degree, I have seen that your company specialize in this area and I believe that I am capable of filling this position”

If there is an opportunity available then you may be asked about your experience or what you have to offer the company.

Don't let go

“Are there any suitable openings with your company at the moment? Would I be able to send you my resume and organise a time to come in and meet with you face to face? Thank you I will forward my resume for any future openings?”

Don't forget to follow-up!

Door to door knocking

This will be one of the most effective ways you can obtain a position, however get ready for rejection but don’t let it get your hopes down.

Take the same steps as before with your research and revising a script, but dress the part and put together a little folder or clear slip with a copy of all your qualification and resume which you can leave with them.

Remember whether you’re going for a labouring job or a professional job, first impression is very important. A standard shirt and tie will always show that you are professional and serious about seeking a job. (Just be careful if it is extremely hot or raining, sweat or water dripping off you is not a good look so check the forecasts before you head out)

Ok so you have made it passed the receptionist and now about to meet with the HR manager or perhaps the manager, keep your cool and stay confident remember your script, talk about the company first as you would on the phone and ask questions (it is good practice to take notes down, not to many and only key things, it shows that you are taking interest in the company).

Follow up! Follow up! Follow up!

Following up is one of the most important things however often not taken advantage of fully. Whether it is contacting back via email, telephone or showing up at the company, it keeps you at the top of the mind whenever they think of hiring someone.

For future references, take notes (company name, email address, contact details) of the companies you have applied with.

Follow up!

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