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Anthony Kemenes
At Job2Go we strive on excellence, driven by ethics and pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients and candidates.

Anthony Kemenes

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Job2Go's Corporate Social Responsibility

Job2Go understands that we have an obligation to the community, to our shareholders, to our nation and to ourselves, to operate in a socially responsible manner. We believe that by behaving in an ethical and committed way, the fruits of our labour will be reaped with great satisfaction and ownership.

At Job2Go, corporate social responsibility is integrated into our day-to-day business activities and can only be achieved through the continuous review of our practices against leading industry bodies for the recruitment and human resources services sector in Australia and New Zealand.

We undertake to fulfill our corporate social responsibility commitment by addressing three main areas:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Community
  • Environment

Job2Go and Corporate Governance

Job2Go is committed to strong corporate governance as the foundations of our management. As part of this effort, in 2011, Job2Go joined the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association and adapted our business system to comply with the requirements set out by the leading and professional governing body of RCSA.

Our internal processes have also been reinvented to help improve and maintain the soundness and transparency of our business methods.

Backed by a strong set of core business values, all Job2Go employees in the nationwide offices in Australia are motivated and positively influenced to deliver more than just ethics and excellence in every business dealings.

Job2Go and the Community

Job2Go recognizes the importance of being responsible and contributing to the community in a wholesome and committed way. We consider ourselves as being socially committed to the improving the community and believe that helping the local community is not just an obligation, but rather it is an integral part of our business.

Job2Go contributes through direct financial support and also through the support of our partners and staff who take part in activities organized by their organisations and them. Our partners and staff are involved in regional Chambers of Commerce, local council initiatives, business alliances as well as religious bodies. We also provide work placements for local and international students, an effort to support the education system in Australia.

Job2Go and the Environment

The staff and partners of Job2Go are dedicated to achieving a sustainable positive impact on our environment. Our simple belief that with every individual who operates in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner, significant minimization of the negative effects on the environment can be made possible.

The most basic way that Job2Go undertakes environmental protection is through the responsible use of natural resources; power, water, and consumables.

Simple measures every business should practice:

Power: Switching off electricity when not in use
Water: Turning off tap when not in use
Consumables: Reducing the wastage of paper

Job2Go and the Future

Through our continuous monitoring and review our of corporate social responsibility policies, we are able to ensure that Job2Go is a committed contributor and advocate of good business practices, to be the benchmark and market leader in the local and international marketplace.

Member of RCSA Member of GEA